Manned Airplane
The company is an agent for an aircraft manufacturer for single-engine and twin-engine light airplane (EASA and FAA Certified aircraft and Light sport aircraft, LSA FAA Certified).

The certified version of aircraft is designed and manufactured as an aerial working platform for different remote sensing equipments. The airplane can be customized according to target mission required by our customers.

Unmanned Airplane
The company is a representative for different international UAV/Drone manufacturers in Europe (Latvia, Germany, Italy) and China.

The company is ready to establish a UAV training center for:
* UAV flight crew.
* Maintenance engineers.
* Aerial remote sensing operators and technologists.

After acquiring all necessary approval and licenses from the authorities.

Sensor Equipment for Manned and Unmanned Aircraft
The company is supplying different types of sensors depending on the requirements of customers and type of project. The company has the capability to install and integrate sensor equipments into fixed-wing UAV, rotary-wing UAV, multi-rotor drone and manned fixed or rotary wing aircraft. The equipments we can provide to our customers includes (but not limited to):

We provide leasing services for surveying aircraft (Twin-Otter/Tecnam/SkyArrow) and long endurance UAS/Drones (Harwar) with photogrammetric cameras and sensors. We provide full services for aerial surveying and data processing by our company’s fleet of aircraft/UAS and professional surveying drones.

With our partners, we can design/develop and manufacture the drone according to your special needs. So, whatever the type and size of your project, you can depend on us.

If you have questions or would like to speak with a KTS representative regarding our products or services, email us or call us.

  • Airborne Laser Scanner
  • Medium Format Camera
  • Large Format Camera
  • Hyper Spectral Sensors
  • Lidar Scanner
  • Thermal Cameras
  • Airborne Geophysics equipments
    (The airborne geophysics equipment includes several different sensors such as Airborne Magnetometer, Gamma Ray Spectrometer and Gravimeter).

Our strategy is not only to deliver the hardware but also to provide after-sale service and support to our customers in training, system calibration, planning, operation, data collection, data management, data processing, analysis and data archiving.

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