High-quality, commercial-grade remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), also called underwater drones, specifically designed and developed to make underwater observation easy and affordable. We offer an extensive selection of submersible robots with cameras that are portable, easy to use and require no maintenance. What's more, you can deploy our ROVs from just about anywhere — you don't have to set up bulky, cumbersome generators or topside boxes.



Anyone should be able to complete their own underwater inspections with our ROVs. Our rotating HD camera allows for inspection below, above, behind or infront of you as you maneuver throughout your dive. The handheld controller is based on a gaming pad, to greatly reduce the learning curve. It usually takes a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the controls, a few hours to be proficient at piloting and a weekend to be an expert.


The ROV was born out of a desire to have an underwater robot for boats. What we didn't realize was how this design would change the ROV marketplace. With lithium ion batteries inside the ROV, you don't need to bring a generator or other top-side boxes with you. The control center is handheld and intuitive, providing all the functionalities: a super-bright screen (4 times brighter than your laptop), as well as a quick video out port to record, or output, your dive to a larger screen. You can even deploy our units within 30 seconds!


With a little clever engineering and the help of gravity, we rotate the ROV outer shell and thrusters while gravity holds down the internal semi-circle weighted frame, so our main thrusters can rotate a complete 180 degrees to easily perform lateral movement. This allows the ROV to drive straight up & down, side to side, forwards, backwards – all using the same thrusters.


For a long time, remotely operated vehicles were only available to large companies with big enough budgets, but we believe the only way we'll start to understand our oceans is if we can investigate under the water. That is why we pride ourselves on providing the most rugged system for an affordable price. We provide solutions that are meant to take a beating, but not break the bank.

ROV General Specifications:
Width: 325 mm (12.8”)
Height: 258 mm (10.2”)
Length: 279mm (11.0”)
Weight (in air): 8.5 KG (18.7 LB)
Body Material: Painted Cast Aluminum
Window Material: PMMA
Depth Rating:
Smart: 125 M (410 ft)
Operating Temperature: -5C to 40C (23F – 104F)
Speed: 2.5 knots

ROV Electrical System:
System Voltage: 19.2 VDC
Battery Run Time: 4 - 8 hours
Battery Recharge: 3 hours
Thruster Control: Independent
                               Infinitely Variable, 100% Reversible

Lights and Camera:
Camera Color: 700 HD
                        0.01 lux
                        Wide Focus Range
                        270 Degrees of Rotation
Flood Light: High Powered
                    High Efficiency LED Flood
                    Tracking with Camera

ROV Tether:
Tether Diameter: 5.0 mm (0.19’)
Tether Length: 50 M, 75M, 100M, 150M (164 - 492 ft)
Custom Lengths: up to 400 M (1,312 ft)
Tether Wight: Neutrally Buoyant in Water Tether
Construction: Polyurethane outer jacket with embedded light weight synthetic fibers
Maximum Working Strength: 25 KG (55 LB)
Minimum Breaking Strength: 90 KG (200 LB)

ROV Controller:
Controller LEDs Indicate: Power On
                                          Flood Light On
                                          Low Controller Batteries
                                          Low ROV Batteries
                                          Left Thruster Error
                                          Right Thruster Error
                                          Communication Error
                                          Leak Alarm
                                          Pitch Stall Error

Thruster Control: 2 axis joystick – infinitely variable
Pitch Control: 1 axis joystick – infinitely variable
Camera Control: 2 buttons (up and down)
Flood Light Control: 1 on-off button