3D Visualization Information System

The system adopts the unified platform development framework, realizes the outspace, air, ground, underground and underwater information integration, and solve CAD design result with 3D spatial information seamless integration, 2D or 3D integration, has been widely used in the fields as follows:

  • National security information
  • Petroleum and petrochemical
  • Electric power
  • Land surveying and mapping
  • Digital ocean
  • Agriculture monitoring
  • City planning
  • Railway management
  • Safety emergency
  • Facilities in the three-dimensional 3D simulation.

Now we have formed comprehensive solution in 3D facility management, 3D simulation of public security and the integration of resources& environment.

 System focuses on the unified development of heterogeneous platforms at different levels such as data access, graphics rendering and application framework. On this basis, a new unified framework of two-three-dimensional integration platform is developed. The kernel is built with C ++ language , And provide C #, Java language extensions, in this technology system built on the Web, mobile and desktop application.

 Technical Composition

Case Study

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