A turnkey light weight towed bird Magnetometer system designed specifically for UAV’s. This system has everything needed to carry out high precision UAV magnetometer surveys from an UAV.

It weighs 3.6 kg and therefore is suitable for medium and larger quadcopters and helicopter UAVs. The system is designed to simply be attached to an appropriate UAV for survey operations.

It includes: (1) GSMP 35U high precision and sensitivity Potassium UAV magnetometer, a laser altimeter to record bird height above ground, a GPS for bird tracking, an IMU, a data acquisition unit, a radio link for real-time transmission of the data to a ground station as well as a li-po battery to run the complete system for 60 min and light weight tow cable.

It can be purchased as a standalone instrument or complete with appropriate UAV to be a complete survey system.


UAVs are well-suited for mapping mineral deposits, mapping pipelines and other buried infrastructure.
Mineral exploration is a natural fit for a UAV for a number of reasons. Manned flights in remote areas are dangerous and cost significant resources to support, including mechanics, fuel dumps and more. UAVs are easier to launch, mobilize, set up and refuel. Moreover, UAVs can fly in most weather and at night – giving significant productivity gains over conventional airborne surveys.


Airborne precision Potassium Magnetometer technology has been proven on Fixed Wing and Helicopter systems and has demonstrated the absolute best heading error in the industry.

Part of its success is due to its components – specially designed for high resolution and noise-free data: Responses of a dipolar target fall off as the inverse cube of distance so the farther from the source – the smaller the signal. This can be compensated for by using an ultra-sensitive magnetometer such as the Potassium optically pumped version.

Development of UAV gradiometer plane, lead to advances in our Potassium technology that ultimately made our high sensitivity sensor smaller and lighter.

Specifications are below:

  • Weight: 1.0 kg
  • Sensitivity: 0.0003 nT @ 1 nT
  • Heading Error: + / – 0.05 nT 360 degrees full rotation about axis
  • Resolution: 0.0001 nT
  • Absolute Accuracy: +/- 0.05 nT
  • Sampling Rate: 10, 20 Hz (higher optional)
  • Sensor Orientation: optimum angle 35 degrees between sensor head axis and field vector

The Fixed Wing Gradiometer utilises (2) GSMP 35U high sensitivity magnetometers to provide gradient survey capability. This system requires a short take off and landing area. It can fly at 70 km / hr for flights of 1 hr duration.

The towed magnetometer system for UAVs weighs only 3.3 kg and contains (1) GSMP 35U high sensitivity magnetometer.