(Aerial Work Platform) is a cost-effective solution for a large number of sensory-based missions. It offers the highest flexibility in terms of sensorial payload.

Observation, News and Law Enforcement (ONE)
Equipped with a belly mounted gyro stabilized surveillance camera in the visible and I/R ranges, on-board image processing, laser pointer and range finder, this version satisfies all needs from ENG to Law Enforcement. An optional R/F module allows for live relay of images and data to a ground station.

Environmental Research (ERA)

A versatile and cost-effective aerial platform for environmental monitoring, this version is capable of measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O) in the atmospheric layer, in which turbulence is measured at a frequency of 20 Hz. Several Sky Arrow ERA’s have been operating within research projects worldwide, in Alaska, Sweden, Italy, etc.

Early Detection Platform (WFD)

The Skyarrow WFD is a low cost, highly effective Early Wildfire Detection Platform. It is based on six HD-TV/IR fixed cameras providing a 360° simultaneous coverage of a large area, while three HD-TV cameras on a two axis stabilized turret provide a “hybrid” optical/digital continuous zoom for “spotting” of points of interest and automatic target tracking.

Equipped with sensors producing Multispectral Land Mapping, an innovative method for aerial monitoring of territory resources based on pictures taken from multispectral devices, it operates in the wavelength spectra of visible and infrared both near IR (350 ÷ 500 nm) and thermal (800 ÷ 1200 nm), allowing to obtain highly detailed digital graphical maps in several applications.

The Sky Arrow AWP