Phantom 4 ready to fly thermal package




The package is including the following items:
> DJI Phantom 4
> DJI Phantom 4 3 axis gimbal + 4K camera
> 2.4 GHZ DJI remote control
> 5350mAh 4S LiPo accu (15.2V) + charger
> 2x set Self-Tightening propellers
> 16GB MicroSD
> 3 axis FLIR gimbal with integrated 5.8 Ghz transmitter
> 7″ LCD screen (for thermal) with build in 5.8 Ghz receiver
> FLIR LCD touch remote control unit (for full control over FLIR camera) USA 915,6MHZ / EU 869,5Mhz
> FLIR thermal camera (VUE 336 included, can optionally be upgraded)

Easy to use Phantom  with thermal FLIR thermal camera operations as diverse as industrial inspection, solar panel inspection, search and rescue and pipeline surveys etc.
This package is ready-to-fly, including the sUAV DJI Phantom 4. The package is provided with the thermal FLIR  camera (FLIR is the most popular brand worldwide in thermal imaging)
Dual screen: Watch daylight and thermal view simultaneously on two screens.
This setup is provided with an additional LCD touch controller, for controlling the thermal FLIR camera (tilting, digital zoom, palettes, isotherm*, delta-t*). You are able to control the FLIR camera/gimbal separately.
The FLIR thermal camera is provided with an 3 axis gimbal for stabilized image.
Within this setup both camera’s can be controlled separately, so you also can aim (tilt) the FLIR camera to another direction then the daylight camera

Thermal storage option:

We have several options for thermal recording:

DVR recorder installed on gimbal: This is an standard DVR recorder with LCD screen installed on the Gimbal side for recording the thermal video. Available for VUE and TAU2.

SD Pro capture module: This is the SD capture module which originally comes from the VUE Pro, we can install this unit onto the TAU2. It records video and images. The captured images are radiometric, so can be used for afterwards analyzing.

Teax thermal capture module (only for TAU2_R): For high-end applications where RAW thermal capture is required. The Teax thermal capture module records 9hz video for afterwards thermal analyzing. Specifications of the thermal capture module can be found here.