UAV technology can be used to help humans protect wildlife and nature. There are many ways in which UAVs can help protect the earth and help humans achieve a more sustainable existence.

  1. Monitoring
    UAVs have a great advantage in the area of wildlife monitoring, because the images taken in the air are delivered to the ground station by the telemetry circuit, and they display the wildlife at the ground station, which after a post-recognition system is created, can confirm the species of the animal. Additionally the UAVs can pinpoint accurate GPS positioning in order to understand where the habitats are and the living conditions and scope of activities of an animal. Integrated with an infrared thermal imager, the drones can work even at night. When UAVs fly in the air, they can minimize the invasive effects so that they will not interrupt wildlife, meanwhile, they can send the two-dimensional and three-dimensional real-time geographic information to the ground station about the forest, protected areas, and remote mountain areas.
  2. Protection
    UAVs can help wildlife, especially when an animal is threatened by poachers in protected areas. It also play an irreplaceable role in forensic investigation and collaborative tracking.
  3. Technology:
    Compared to the traditional method of a sentinel surveillance camera, UAVs have the advantage of being convenient and portable. Also, UAVs are high technology products which are integrated with the technologies of GPS, Geographic Information Systems, Digital image transmission, and Infrared Thermal Imaging and Aviation which are applied in wildlife monitoring, researching and Animal Ecology and Environmental Protection. Also the UAVs avoid the limitations of traditional labor inspections.