Correct and complete information/data is the basis for scientific decision-making. Mountable high-resolution 4K cameras, infrared detector, magnetic tester, and other compatible equipment enable our UAVs to collect accurate and complete data/information. Urban development creates a need for an up-to-date and comprehensive geographic resource information to facilitate urban planning, field archeology, land remediation monitoring, water conservancy construction, infrastructure construction, industrial construction, residential community building, environmental protection and ecological construction.
When compared to current land surveying, conventional, manned aircraft, airborne remote sensing, and satellite remote sensing, UAV aerial shooting has the following advantages:

  1. Low cost, making it viable for information acquisition even in small areas.
  2. Highly flexible, with the ability to take-off and land at any time throughout the mission, unrestricted by the geographic position.
  3. Transmits information in real-time, making it more efficient and timely than purchasing satellite images.
  4. UAV aerial filming can collect/generate Digital Line Graphic (DLG) with high accuracy, as well as the Intuitive Digital Orthophoto Map (DOM), Digital Elevation Model (DEM), and can also be integrated with the third-party software, and generate 3D topographical maps.