Photovoltaic plant aerial thermography allows, among other things, for the detection of potential failures at the level of individual cells (hot-spots), failures connected with by-pass diodes, indication of possible PID presence, and further potential problems detectable using an IR camera. The drone is also equipped with a camera for visual inspection in the visible spectrum, especially for the localization of mechanical failures on the modules and detection of the level of fouling of the modules, etc. It provides an effective and innovative solution for evaluating the operation of the entire power plant and preventing a long-term loss of revenue.

Advantages of aerial thermography:

  • Optimized operation thanks to the identification of the causes of PV plant output decreases
  • Prevention of long-term revenue loss
  • Certainty on the quality of the investment intention
  • Safety increase due to timely failure detection
  • Diagnostics of production defects, transport damage, or improper installation
  • Support during complaint filing
  • Provision of quality thermal images thanks to the optimum imaging angle which cannot be guaranteed through any conventional hand-held IR camera measurement
  • Measurement during operation without interruption