Detecting and resolving issues such as corrosion, scour, temperature, pressure, shake, incorrect seals, aging of sealing elements and improper installation and fastening is vital in preventing leaks. Leaks can sometimes expand rapidly that can potentially cause explosions and bringing about huge economic losses occasionally to the extent that a production line must be closed completely. Given the size of the industry today, inspecting and detecting pipeline issues are especially important.
Our UAVs can be equipped with different professional cooled infrared detectors according to gas wavelengths to detect different gases. Without an auxiliary light source or a reflective surface, UAVs can finish detecting gas leaks without cutting power in the gas lines. When equipped with the infrared gas leak detector, the UAVs can detect more than 20 organic gases such as Methane (CH4), Ethylene (C2H4), etc.
Employing UAVs for gas leak detection can avoid casualties by helping to comprehensively control incidents/leaks and resolve issues immediately, thus preventing workers from entering environments that are poisonous, flammable, and explosive. The UAVs have optimized features like long-distance flight and real-time information feedback, enabling workers to find the problem as early as possible and resolve it. Using UAVs to monitor gas and oil pipelines is important from a national-security standpoint and the only responsible solution going forward.

Offshore Oil & Gas: UAVs can also be operated on offshore platforms for safety inspection and maintenance purposes. Equipped with both visible-light and infrared thermal cameras, UAVs can fly close to assets to regularly check for problems without putting people’s lives at risk while they complete the same tasks. In addition, UAV inspection on offshore platform can be conducted while the platform remain fully operational, which not only saves you money on maintenance but also maximizes your profit.