The UAVs have many search and rescue operation application.

Under disastrous circumstances such as earthquake, flood, mud slides & etc., which can stop the communication signal, the UAV can use the integrated communication module as a temporary communication station, in order to build up a wireless communication link. Through contact with the affected area.

  • The UAVs can provide emergency supplies such as medicine and food for the patients or victims immediately. It can also provide the information to the command center about the affected areas and supply the base with knowledge of the disaster.
  • The UAVs can also aid a rescue effort. It would be very effective if a traffic accident occurred in front of a traffic jam where rescue vehicles could not reach the scene in time the UAV could throw rope, medicine, or other key equipment (respirators, gas masks, rescue rope, extinguishing gas etc.) to aid the civilian.
  • The UAVs aerial integrated mapping module can map the topography about the disaster area and send the information to the command center, making it a powerful tool during rescue efforts.

Transportation can be very complex in urban settings, during an emergency, UAV can reach the scene more quickly than ground transportation to collect information that can help rescuers to develop a better situational awareness.

During low visibility, the UAV can reach heights a fire ladder can not and integrating this with the visible detector and infrared thermal imager, it can investigate the scene quickly, including spotting key factors such as number of personnel casualties and the positions of people. The UAV can also inform you about the changes in the fire allowing for the amount of casualties to be minimized.