Knowledge Technology System’s Fire Fighting System provides a complete turnkey solution for firefighting using new technology including:

  • Headquarter Command Center
  • Mobile Command Center
  • Drones
  • Thermal and video cameras for fire truck, helmets and firefighters
  • Fire Fighting Management Software
  • Data Analysis Software
  • Dispatch, Response and Follow up Software
  • Firefighting Investigation Software

The system provides the command centers on the fields, the headquarters and the top management data to follow the incident live with audio and location on the map for the drones, vehicles and for the firefighters.
The system enables to monitor the incident, this will allow them to plan and make decisions during and after the fire incident. For search and rescue also, all the documented data are recorded to the headquarters server and can be used for investigation, making it the main document and reference for the investigating team. It also includes an investigation system for data collection and analysis.
The UAVs are equipped with infrared and visible light cameras that can monitor premises and building fires.
The image transmission system sends real-time fire and thermal images to the ground station. The fire and thermal images will appear on the digital map on the ground station and with the help of the built-in temperature sensor of the camera and the GPS on the UAV, the digital map displays the number of hot points and their locations accurately.
In addition, when a UAV is flying over the scene, it also collects and assesses real-time information of the fire, such as the scope of the affected area and the spread of the fire. When such data is transmitted to the ground station, it provides the commander with additional situational awareness as to what resources need to be deployed in order to put out the fires.
UAVs make a good tool for firefighting, search and rescue, investigation, disaster management.