Our UAVs are a perfect solution to the difficulties encountered in the traditional methods of border control, long-distance command, obtaining criminal evidence, monitoring & etc. The Penguin C is a long-endurance, long range unmanned aircraft system with a flight endurance of over 20 hours and operation radius of over 100 kilometers or 60 miles, makes it an extremely productive unmanned platform in terms of distance traveled and area covered in a single flight. If equipped with advanced Epsilon EO payloads, Penguin C is one of the most capable surveillance and inspection UAV. It can auto-fly up to 200 way-points at a preset time, and a live video feed can be transmitted to the ground control center to allow the commander to monitor the border situation at one location.

UAVs can also fly between border checkpoints that are far from each other. A batch of UAVs can also be deployed at the same time by one ground control station, to cover a wider range of land for more efficient border reconnaissance.

UAVs can help increase the efficiency and effectiveness in border defense and at the same time protecting the officers’ safety.