With the development of the global film industry and innovation in the world of technology, new ways of filming will allow for an increase in the creativity and quality of video today.

  1. Vision (Unrestricted 360 degree view with unlimited screen performance)
    Our UAVs are equipped with different levels of professional photographic equipments (RED 6K, 5D3 and GH4), which are widely used in movies, TV shows, TV programs, commercials, and documentaries. The photos taken by UAVs are beautiful and add an aerial view to the film. Production companies need to hire helicopters for aerial photography which is very expensive, but now UAVs can be used for aerial photography. This offers a cheaper and safer solution.
  2. Speed: Instant control combined with a microwave remote system, UAVs can chase fast moving objects in the air which is much better than a ground shooting team running back and forth. In addition, it only takes two minutes to assemble the UAV for aerial photography.
  3. Transfer: UAVs are usually set-upped with 5.8G SD or 1080 HD image transmission and can even achieve real-time transmission of images to the ground command center for viewing and scheduling. This is essential to large-scale live events and television programs. UAVs will also be able to transmit the real-time remote video with LTE-4G network in the future.